Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Parlez vous Sheep? Plus a contest thingee.

It's amazing how much French I've forgotten since college yet at the same time it's surprising how much I recall. I would not be helpless in France. Or Quebec, for that matter, which is kind of reassuring. Except tout les monde would have to speak very sloooowwwly for me.

Besides English and slowly spoken French, I also speak dog and cat and possibly some peacock. The first two are rather useful. When my dog Fudge Carolyn's dog, the chihuahua Fudge(aka The Fudgester, Fudgie or Speed Brick) barks and turns in a circle he's either thrilled I'm home, begging for a snack or needs to go outside.

Jasper, Carolyn's Tonkinese CatIf my cat Jasper (aka Jazzman or Devil Cat) knocks stuff off shelves he's either hungry and there's no food, someone has not cleaned the kitty litter or he's retaliating for some slight. Like I didn't let him out to cherchez les femmes or something. (Actually, he's had the operation, you know, and he isn't allowed outside because cats are, I am sorry to say, eliminating ground nesting birds at an alarming rate. Indeed, in the county where I live, Meadowlarks are now rare.) But sometimes he glares at me before he does something evil or even just because. Then at night he sleeps under the covers against my stomach and all is forgiven. He also MUST be in the same room I am. He's 17 now and slowing down a bit.

When the peacock imitates a child in distress it means he's lonely and is hoping some hot feathered babe will pay him a call. The picture, by the way, is of Angus. He just showed up one day and hung around for the good company I guess. Angus The Peacock walking in the field looking for chicks He actually did have some girlfriends for a while, until we noticed the result was more peafowl. Then we ran around like um, idiots, trying to catch baby peafowl and give them away. Lots of takers!

This is Thirsty. She was a bummer lamb, meaning her mother wouldn't take her for whatever reason and so lived in our kitchen and/or utility room until we were sure should would live. Then she lived on the deck for a while and then when she was strong enough and big enough, out into the field. For such a sick lamb at the start she was often very Thirsty. Thirsty the Sheep Thirsty is now the Alpha Ewe. That's usually the one smart enough to know who's passing out the good food and when so she's always first in line and the other sheep follow like, er, sheep, in case there's leftovers. Her primary word is, no surprise, Baaa. When she was still bottle-fed she would run up and down the fence bleating about being thirsty.

Lastly, this is Mel The Rooster. He is mean. Which you can probably tell if you study the picture a bit. Mel The Mean RoosterWhoever's getting the eggs better watch their feet, because he pecks. You better believe he was thinking about pecking my feet when I took that picture. But I'm faster than I look and my camera has a telephoto lens. He has a lot of girlfriends who provide eggs.

So, now you've met some of the menagerie where I live. Do you have a menagerie of your own or maybe just a pet or two? Tell me about one or some in the comments and I'll send one commenter a signed copy of My Wicked Enemy. Amusing gets points. You could lie if you want, or talk about the pony you wanted but never got. Comment away! Please.


Annie Solomon said...

Whoa--that is some zoo you have! I'm a city girl and never got into animals at all, so I'm always amazed at people who take these creatures into their home. The only pet I have is a paper mache dog that lights up when I plug him in. I don't think that counts. But hey--I don't have to walk him.

Carolyn said...

Annie, your dog sounds really cute. Low maintenance yet helpful!

Diana Holquist said...

Holy rooster, sheep, peacock...etc etc...That's a lot of animals.

I have a cat isn't mine. He lives next door. When we moved into this house, he was very upset that we wouldn't let him in (we have 2 cats that really are ours). So for the first year we lived here, we spent a lot of time him, so he wouldn't sneak in the door.

Well, it's so hard to get to know the neighbors when you're KICKING their cat.

We finally realized that he was right and we were wrong. He lives here, too.

Silly us.

Humans are SO hard to train.


Kammie said...

I had a Siamese cat just like Jasper. Well, maybe not "just like" because she was a she, not a he. My husband named her Kitty when she was born. Not very creative, but that's what she was called for 23 years. We were heart broken when she passed.

macbeaner said...

Lots of animals. wow!

I have two kitties. One of which is head butting me and trying to get my attention right now.


CrystalGB said...

We have a German Shepherd named Gypsy and a boatload of rabbits.

Virginia said...

We don't have many pets ourself. We have a lot of the neighbors cat that visit, but the we do have a pond in the back yard with Koi in it. I think that is why the neighbors cats visit so much. Now the Koi will eat out of your hands and suck on your fingers if you put them in the pond. We also have hummingbird feeders on our deck and we get a big kick out of them fighting over the feeders. Those female hummingbirds are real B's

Barbara said...

I have a couple of cats who don't like me very much. They spend lots of time in rooms that I'm not in, and seem to resent the fact that I have to sleep in their bed, which they won't come near if I'm in it. Charlie will ask me to pet him when he decides he wants some love, but Gracie runs when I come near, except if I'm handing her some treats - she'll hold still for those.

Carolyn said...

I should have mentioned that I will chose a winner tomorrow night (Sept 17 2008) I'm in California just in case time zones matter to anyone.

I will notify winner(s) via email if the info is there, otherwise, I'll post a comment with winners.

Cool? Commenters to be, the clock is ticking!


Shelley Adina said...

Carolyn, is Mel the Rooster a Buff Orpington? He looks like my girls, Dinah and JoJo. Not that I'm engineering a date for him or anything.


Carolyn said...

Shelly: Yes, Mel the Mean Rooster is indeed a Buff Orpington. I'm quite sure that he would love to meet Dinaha and JoJo. But he'd try to peck your feet if you brought them over so any kind of fix-up is at your own risk. I don't know for sure how his harem would respond, that's another risk.

Carolyn said...

And the Winner of the signed copy of My Wicked Enemy is....


I will be emailing you for further details.

And everyone, thanks so much for the pet stories! Awesome, people. Awesome pets, real or imagined.