Tuesday, September 02, 2008

When Your Characters Come to Life. Literally. By Diana Holquist

Imagine my surprise when I got a letter a few weeks ago from Josh Toby.  For those of you who've read Sexiest Man Alive, you know that Josh Toby is, well, the sexiest man alive.  (See towel man on left.) 

He's a character in my book.  I made him up. 

Or did I? 

Seems there's another Josh Toby, a doctor in Texas, a real Josh Toby.  Here's part of the letter he sent me: 

"Dear Ms. Holquist: I feel compelled to contact you after it has come to my attention that your recent work, Sexiest Man Alive, has been based on my life."


He included proof of his claim, including a picture of himself, a copy of his drivers license, and other documents that show he has the same name, is the same age, and matches the general description of the Josh Toby in the book. Although, as he says, "I would have chosen to include more action sequences/love scenes."

Luckily, he said he'd forego any legal action in exchange for a signed copy of the book and first rights of refusal to "play Josh Toby in the motion picture or Broadway production." 

You got it, Josh.  

I'd post his picture here, as he is indeed quite adorable. But he is, after all, a doctor, and I don't want to get him in any trouble for moonlighting as a fictional character in my book. 

Now, with Hungry for More hitting the shelves this week, I wonder, will a James LaChance appear out of the woodwork?  And will he be able to cook? And will he find me, and demand restitution? 

I sure do hope so.  I'd love to meet him, too. 

Have you ever had a "character" contact you? Have you ever been a character in someone's book? I think it would freak me out to read about a Diana Holquist. But maybe not....if she were as young and thin and breathtaking as me.  (Cough, cough...)

Have a great week, everyone!


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Michelle Rowen said...

LOL.. that's hilarious Diana.

I received a MySpace friend request last week from Thierry de Bennicoeur, my vampire hero. According to his profile he really loves my cheesy books. That's good, right? ;-)

Diana Holquist said...

Too funny--but such an honor!

Someone cared enough to go to all that trouble to set up a MySpace profile.


Annie Solomon said...

Very funny, Diana, which is no surprise. Will you write my posts for me?

No, I've never been contacted by one of my characters. I HAVE been contacted by readers who say they know someone like my characters. Especially in BLIND CURVE, which dealt with blindness and physical disability. Got a lot of people telling me their friend, lover, aunt, father, or they themselves etc. were just like angry cop, Danny, or poor, plain Martha or her feisty, wheelchair-bound Dad. And I recently received a note from a reader who told me my books have inspired her to start a career in law enforcement! How's that for spreading the good word...

Your story is hysterical, though--all the more for being true. But, look, are you sure this Toby guy isn't a stalker? Or some weird serial killer on the make? Oh--wait--those would be MY characters...

Shari Anton said...

Oh, too funny, Diana! What a jolt it must have been (but a good one!).