Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Elizabeth's Great Photo Shoot

So apparently no one can recognize me from my author photo. Perhaps it's because I don't normally wear gobs of make-up or have a fixed smile on my face. Perhaps it's because my hair has mysteriously become more blond as I've aged (that's the story I told Mr. Hoyt anyway, and so far he believes it.)

In any case, not having a recognizable author photo has been kind of low on my list of priorities. After all, author photos tend to be expensive and--more importantly--require a whole day to get done. But my agent has reminded me on a regular basis (note that I don't use the word "nagged") that perhaps I really ought to get a new photo.

And then Diana Holquist went and got a gorgeous author photo in which she looks like a 1940s starlet lounging around her MGM set home, thus blowing my excuse that we busy authors just don't have the time for nice photos.

Thanks, Diana.

So today I'm wasting the entire day in getting my photo taken. Last night I painted my super short nails whilst watching RUN FATBOY RUN (a thoroughly enjoyable movie.) My choices were: black nail polish or clear final coat (my children are teenagers.) I went with the clear even though black nails might lend a certain air of mystery to a historical romance novelist. Today at 10:30 I'm off to get my hair "done" which I believe will envolve draconian straightening and lots of hairspray. At 1:45 it's make-up at the one Merle Norman shop in town (I'm the most nervous about that one) and then at 3:00 is the actual photo shoot.

So wish me luck. At the end of the day, hopefully I WON'T look like this:

Elizabeth Hoyt


Shauna said...

Beautiful photo. Good luck!

Diana Holquist said...

Ooh oooh MUST post tomorrow and let us see how it turned out.

I did another shoot recently with the Philadelphia Inquirer, and didn't have the, er, professional help available to get ready. The genius photographer took a gorgeous picture...of my cat. I'm the blurry old lady in the background holding the cat.

You can see it here:

Message: if all goes wrong, hide behind your cat.

Have fun! (translation: red wine!)


Diana Holquist said...
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Annie Solomon said...

I need to get a new photo, too. My hair is completely different now, and maybe I could loosen up a little. But I feel your pain. Good for you for taking the plunge. Now if I could only do the same...

And yes, please post and let us see how it all turned out.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Man, having your photo taken is totally exhausting! And I don't even get to see the pictures for a week or more! phthpt!

Shari Anton said...

Can't wait to see the new picture. I'm sure you'll be fabulous!!

Annie Solomon said... did it go?