Saturday, October 11, 2008

Woman to Woman

Just between us, you know you get a little smile on your face when you see a woman with a sword. It's a visible manifestation of what we all know to be true--women are strong. Okay, maybe we don't cross blades with the crooked mechanic who wants to replace our transmission. But we can stand up for ourselves. After all, we have the babies. We nurse the hurts. We hold the family together. We even live longer than men.

I love strong heroines. I write about damsels in shining armor, ladies who swing swords, maids who aren't afraid to confront danger, knock out the bad guys, and even give the hero a good thwack on the back of the head when he needs it.

So I must be one tough, in-your-face, take-no-prisoners chick, right? Hardly. Neither are most of my readers. In real life, I generally prefer flight to fight. My idea of personal strength is not bursting into tears over a bad review.

So what makes us so fond of wenches wielding weapons?

I'm no psychologist, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with feeling vicariously victorious as the fearless heroine takes on challenges and enemies that would have us mere mortals cowering in the corner. We fight alongside the kick-butt femme fatale--celebrating as she knees her sexist boss in the groin, crowing as she trips the nasty villainess, cheering as she drops the wife-beater with a mean right hook. She rushes in where the rest of us fear to tread.

Well, I'd like to believe I'm doing more for shrinking violets than just entertaining them. I hope my books inspire and energize readers to discover their own inner strength, to release that brave woman inside them, to find the courage to face at least one small fear in their own lives.

With that in mind, here's my challenge to all of you:


Yes, vote.

Some of our very brave sisters fought and suffered and died so that we'd have the right to an opinion and a voice. If your one act of courage is to arrive late for work so you can vote, do it. If it's driving in the rain-slick streets to get to the polls, do it. If it's defying your overbearing husband's ill-informed advice and canceling out his vote, do it. Show your strength. Honor the sacrifice of an army of real-life heroines and VOTE!

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