Monday, November 10, 2008

In which Carolyn Shows How to Solve Everything

Today (November 10) is my little brother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Geoff!

And here is my gift to you all in three parts. (Like Caesar and that thing with Gaul):

The funniest series of book reviews EVER (except for one grump):

Regarding this book, Energy Technologies. Please, after you pull yourself up off the floor when you see the price, do read the reviews. Then come back here and finish reading my blog post and tell me how much you laughed or something so I don't feel like a total loser.

Now seriously, is the price of a mass market paperback like any of those fine books along the sidebar there, including, I might add, My Wicked Enemy which yours truly wrote, really all that much? I think the answer is no, it's actually not all that much. Why, a mass market paperback is a deal and a half! Puts things in perspective, eh?

Are you not feeling renewed in your faith in humankind after reading those reviews (except for the Grumpy Student). Because this totally made my day.

Funniest Twilight Review

There was a second bit of humor I chanced across today. This: the best review of the Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series EVER. NOTE: if you don't like strong language, then you might want to skip this review, although for something on it's pretty mild.

Funniest Deal with the Devil

But wait! There's more! People, today was a trifecta of humor brought to you by the best web comic around (IMHO, okay?)

ohmygod. I am such a geek.

OK, so maybe I didn't solve everything. I can't afford Energy Technologies but maybe you, or someone you know, can. And then you'll solve a lot of stuff. Or maybe have a DIY nuclear rector in your backyard.

Right. You're free to go. If, when you do, you decide to pick up a book by one of the fine authors of Grand Central Publishing on the way, that would pretty darn cool of you. And really, who doesn't want to be cool? If you're cool, what else do you need?

See? I did solve everything.


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Wah-uh? What? Where? HOW did you find the nuclear book, Carolyn?! I mean, were you googling nuclear fusion or did it just pop up on your Amazon "Recommended Based on Your Browsing History" thing?

Jade Lee said...

Ooooooh Carolyn... Can I have a nuclear power plant for my Christmas present? Please? Please? In return, I'll forward you the address of the men who have asked me to teach them tantric lessons. One even sent pictures!

andrea pickens said...

You are too funny for words!

Ummm, when the publishers launched their big marketing initiative to give books as holiday presents, I'm not sure they had this little baby in mind for a stocking stuffer. Only a Wall Street hedge fund manager could afford . . . no, on second thought, cross that out . . . Well, maybe the dictator of a small country. But we might not want Amazon to send it.

Anyway, great comic relief. But it's not going on my wish list . . .unless you want to buy it for me.

Sarah McKerrigan said...

Hilarious reviews! I wonder if the author will be doing booksignings any time soon...

Sarah Grimm said...
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Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh. I had no idea anyone commented on my post. I blame it on deadline induced braindeadness. Still have that.

Why, yes, Amazon recommended that book based on my browsing HX. I was a little surprised because normally I'm all about string theory and quantum mechanical parallel universes -- OK, not really. I saw a post somewhere else where someone complained about the price. So I checked it out, and voila! BEST book reviews ever.

Jade, you scare my sometimes. But when I'm done building my backyard nuclear power plant, you can send on the tantric sex guys, K? Until them I'm kind of busy.