Monday, December 01, 2008


So, in the middle of the night a terrible thought occurred to me. Not only has Diana Holquist admitted publicly to not knowing who HUGH JACKMAN is (see post below), but in the process she's revealed that she's missed some of the great cinema of the last few years. How, for instance, could she've seen X-MEN 1, 2, or 3 without finding out who Hugh is? She couldn't've.

Oh, Diana!

Therefore, I've put together a little primer for Diana. Diana? Are you reading this? Pay close attention:

One of Hugh's early works was of course in the iconoclastic PAPERBACK HERO in which Hugh plays a truckdriver who writes romance novels. Really.

Hugh continued with his realist portrayal of Every Man with SWORDFISH in which he played a computer expert. In a towel.

What? Don't all the computer nerds you know look like Hugh?

Then Hugh made s stunning artistic choice by taking the role of Wolverine in X-MEN.

Note the subtle use of body oil to highlight Hugh's impressive biceps!

In between various X-MEN Hugh played the title role in VAN HELSING. While not a critical success, VAN HELSING did include Hugh's now signature scene in which all his clothes are torn off except for a wee bit fabric around his loins. Rhoar! Unfortunately I couldn't find a photo of his signature scene from VAN HELSING, so we'll just have to make do with a fully-clothed Hugh:

Currently, Hugh is starring in AUSTRALIA, which I haven't seen. But judging from this pic I found Hugh rides a horsey and has a really big whip!

Also, I believe Nicole Kidman stars in the movie. Whatever. What inquiring minds really want to know is this: will Hugh have his signature scene in AUSTRALIA?

Elizabeth Hoyt


MaryC said...

I beleive there's a shower scene in the movie - it was shown on Oprah when both Hugh and Nicole were on promoting Australia.

Hugh also won a Tony for his performance as Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz and was in a stage revival of Oklahoma! as Curly(available on DVD).

He did a wonderful interview with James Lipton on the Actor's Studio.

Loved him in Kate and Leopold.

Michelle Rowen said...

Hugh. *raowwwrrrrrr*

That is all.

Stacy~ said...

Mary if I didn't already adore Hugh, the mention of the shower scene would sell me instantly ;)

He was great in K & L. The first time I saw him though was in a movie with Ashley Judd and they end up as roommates. Not the greatest movie but he was fabulous in it.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

A shower scene?! Thank you for this important update, MaryC. Like Stacy, this automatically sells me on the movie AUSTRALIA. (One wonders why the makers don't just put a banner on the ads: WITH A NEW HUGH JACKMAN SHOWER SCENE!)

...and Michelle is eloquent as always.

Diana Holquist said...

Wait, he's a wolf riding a horse in a towel in the shower? I dunno...I just don't get this guy.

Okay, seriously. Wolverine? Really? No. I'm sorry. The man (man?) has an Indian Head belt buckle (where's the rest of that Indian...?) and you want me to take him seriously as Sexiest Man Alive? Are those his knitting needles? Nevermind....

Yes, it's true. I've been outed. I have never seen any of these movies/TV shows. I still don't have a clue who Hugh Jackman is and I'm starting to think it's best.

I may never sell another book again.


But on an upnote, I got the new title today for my next blockbuster best seller: The Sexiest Slavic Historian Alive. I think it's gonna be a huge hit!


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Next week: Daniel Craig: Blond is Better!

Your education continues, Diana!

Michelle Rowen said...

I will be doing my post this month (first time in *cough cough* many months) on the glory that is the Winchester brothers on Supernatural. This blog needs more man titty!

Michelle Rowen said...

BTW, that is not the best Wolverine shot. He does look a bit...trucker.

Try this one, from the upcoming movie suitably entitled Wolverine...

Watch those claws, baby....

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Aww, he's wearing too many clothes in that one, Michelle! I ask you: where is the bare, grease-smeared biceps? Huh?

Anonymous said...

oh damn, youre right mary.
him on kate and leopold: sexy. :)