Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Supernaturally delicious

In hopes of continuing Diana's education on hot men who may have escaped her attention, today I would like to present the Winchester brothers from the CW's SUPERNATURAL. The show follows Dean (as played by Jensen Ackles*) and Sam (as played by Jared Padalecki**) as they travel across the United States fighting the things that go bump in the night.

Sam and Dean can be summed up in two words:


That's HOTNESS. If we want to put it together.

Plus, SUPERNATURAL gets bonus marks for actually being an AWESOME show now in its fourth, and so far, BEST season.

Bask in the pretty.............


and JARED....

Yes. They will do very nicely, thank you.

You're welcome, Diana! We're here to help!!



* Jensen is the mental image I used of Quinn, the hero of my book LADY & THE VAMP. Raowrrr!!
** Jared would be perfect as my frequently appearing werewolf, Barkley, in several of my vampire books. Grrrr-owwlll!


Megan Crane said...

Oh my.

I think I just fainted from all the Jensen pics...

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

But do they do the show shirtless? They should.

Michelle Rowen said...

They are sometimes shirtless on the show. Those are the Very Special Episodes.

MaryF said...

That last picture of Jared is my very very favorite. I'm using him in my historical. And in my paranormal. :)

Diana Holquist said...

Oh, you're all so kind!

Elizabeth's post last week (see below) had that darling Mr. Craig Daniel fellow (is he someone famous?) and now today these lovely boys.

So I'll pretend that I know what CW is (not).

And that I've seen the show (never).

Or that I might in the future (ha!).

I figure, if I'm out of the closet as a someone who has NO clue about popular culture, I might as well come out proud!

Maybe next week I'll blog about the grammy-wining country music stars I once had Thanksgiving dinner with. I had NO CLUE who they were, which made for some awkward dinner conversation....


Kelvin said...

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