Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My name is Sarah McKerrigan, and I'm an avatar-holic.

I blame my kids. They showed me this neat feature on MySpace called BuddyPoke. You create your own character from various physical features, and you can change the hairstyle, clothing, facial expression, and even the activities you want to have your avatar doing. You can then "poke" other MySpace buddies who have the same application, giving them a hug, dancing with them, going to the movies together, etc.

Some people choose to make their avatars fantasy-based. You can be a zombie. You can have a pet dinosaur. You can fight with a sword.

Mine is reality-based. And here's the sad part. I change her clothes to match mine every day. I know it's silly. Even my kids think I'm nuts.

Why this fascination? Maybe I didn't get to play with enough paper dolls when I was little. Or maybe I'm still addicted to dress-up. Or maybe it was the Barbie doll incident...(cue flashback music)

My mom never let me have a Barbie, because she thought they were too sexist. My little brother, however, got to have a G.I. Joe. When he got tired of playing with it, we cut the bright orange hair off of a Troll doll and glued it on Joe's head, and my mom made an evening dress for our new G.I. Josephine. True story. So it's sexist to have a Barbie, but it's cool to have a cross-dressing G.I. Joe. O-kay...

Whatever the reason, I'm absolutely obsessed with my avatar.

On the other hand, maybe it's not so crazy. After all, it's just an artistic manifestation of the kind of detailed world-building and character-dressing that authors do through the written word, right? That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Hmm...I wonder if I could use my BuddyPoke avatar for my author photo...

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Diane P said...

I have my students make avatars for their online presence from Wee world. You can imagine what middle schoolers come up with. Lots of choices.
My daughter thinks it is cool that I have an avatar for my Facebook profile.
Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Is this like those geese that are dressed every day by their grandmas?


Sarah McKerrigan said...

Ack! No! Please don't put me in THAT category. I'm a writer. I'm doing well to get out of my pajamas, never mind dressing inanimate objects in the real world. Virtual dressing, on the other hand...

Meowchies Hideout said...

I love BuddyPoke app a lot <3 I also do basic BP animation <3

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