Sunday, March 22, 2009

Most embarrassing moment

You know those mortifying moments we have on occasion? The one where you walk out of the bathroom with your dress tucked into your underwear (I'd say pantyhose, but as a rule, writers don't tend to wear hose). Or when you send a snarky email to your friend only to realize you've hit reply all. Terrible, sickening moments to be true, but for me, not the most embarassing. No, that came a couple of years ago on the tail end of a wretched deadline that had me not only hopped up on pain pills (long story) but a little less smart than I normally am. Okay stupid, I was sleep deprived and frankly stupid for a little while. 

I had gone to the UPS store the day before to overnight my manuscript to my editor and I was relaxing and enjoying a morning of waking up and not having to work on that blasted book. And then my doorbell rang. I'm fairly certain I was still injured and I had to limp to the door and I know I was expecting author copies from a different book and instead find a big envelope. A big envelope that looks suspiciously like the one I mailed the other book off in. Hmmmm….scan addresses, Oh crap! Wave frantically to UPS man, who waves back, I wave more, I'm not friendly Mr. UPS man so I'm not just waving good morning, please stop. He stops, jumps out and comes over to me. Did I mention I was wearing pink PJ’s with little rubber duckys and bars of soap on them? And I say rather sheepishly, “Um, I think I might have put the addresses in the wrong places cause this is supposed to be in New York this morning, I mailed this yesterday. Not to myself though.” And he just looks at me like I’m a complete moron, then goes back to his truck to get a new form. He fills it out (because he obviously didn’t trust me to do it) but tells me as he’s doing it. “The sender goes here,” and he points, “and the recipient goes here.” Well, yes, I see that now. I still think it was the people at the UPS store – maybe she pointed to the wrong ones. Or maybe I just can’t read anymore. Needless to say, I had to e-mail my editor and say, I know I told you it would be there a day early, but I lied cause I overnighted it to myself first.

Not exactly the way I'd suggest instilling confidence in your editor about your professionalism. And I suppose a good thing came out of that foolish mistake. Now when my writer friends are struggling with a mistake they've made, I remind them of this little faux pas and they chuckle and realize that yes, mine was worse, I'm still reigning champ of the stupid. 

So how about you? What's your most embarrassing moment?

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Lexie said...

This is how I met my first (and current) boyfriend: Apparently my best friend and her boyfriend thought I would be PERFECT for their boss/friend. The didn't tell him this however. They introduced me, the boss/friend said 'Hey' and that was that. At the diner, whenever i would try to start a conversation with him he'd give me this weird look and remark that I must really like old things to be interested in the movies I was talking about (Princess Bride mainly). I thought it was weird, but passed it off.

At my friend's boyfriend's house we sat down to watch DVD's and I tried to sit next to him, but he went to sit next to my friend. Hurt, I attempted to take a nap. Eventually the three of them went to take a smoke and after a little while I followed after. "K what's up with Lexie? Does she have a crush on me or something?" said the boss/friend. And my friend responded 'You're on a date moron' to which he laughed and said "With her? But she's like twelve isn't she?" To which I burst out, marched up to him and smacked him so hard across the face his lip split.

While he stood there sputtering and trying to staunch the bleeding my friend and her bf laughed their butts off. "I am, for your information, older then HER thank you very much. Jackass." I told him as primly as possible before marching back inside.

I guess my friend had explained things to him because about two weeks later he called me to beg my forgiveness and to go on a real date with him. As a peace offering he gave me a copy of The Princess Bride book XD We've been together over 5 years now and I love telling his family and mine all about it.