Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meet the Legend Hunters...

The release date for Seduce Me is getting closer and I'm getting so excited. Frankly I don't think I was this excited when my first book came out. The Legend Hunters represent an idea I've had for a long while and could certainly be considered the book of my heart - well, in this case series of my heart. For those of you familiar with my Avon books know that I tend to write characters that have jobs, or at the very least very time consuming hobbies. While I enjoy reading books with wealthy aristocratic characters who go to balls and soirees and country house parties, my characters simply won't comply with that lifestyle. At least not for long periods of time. 

Now as of right now only three of these guys have scheduled books, but hopefully I'll get to write all six of their stories. But I just couldn't keep them all to myself any longer, so without further ado, behold my Legend Hunters...



So now that you've gotten a peek at my guys, what about you? What do you look for in a good hero? Tall, dark and handsome? Witty, arrogant and bold? What makes a keeper hero for you?

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May I know if they are artist?