Friday, May 01, 2009

Elizabeth on Fairy Tales

I've got a new book out today--To Beguile a Beast--which is based on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale (bet you didn't see that one coming!)

I'm often asked why I'm so interested (read: obsessed) with fairy tales. Ususally I respond with a well reasoned "Erm..." But today I thought I'd give a shot at a slightly more eloquent answer. So here goes:

Fairy tales, myths, and legends are storytelling at its most basic. There's no room for character development. Dialogue, setting, and description are all usually very sketchy. What remains are stories in which the fat has been removed; underneath are bare, beautiful bones in which it’s easy to trace motif, themes, and morality—especially morality.

I like to use fairy tales in my books to highlight or reflect what's going on in the main story. In To Beguile a Beast the fairy tale is a version of "Beauty and the Beast" but with a twist--the "beast" is a woman...and the hero has a few surprises of his own.

I hope you enjoy it!

Elizabeth Hoyt


Pam P said...

Reading it right now, Elizabeth, going to be one of my favorites, love it! Enjoying this fairytale, too.

MaryC said...

Picked up the book today - looking forward to reading it tomorrow!

andrea pickens said...

Great book trailer, Elizabeth! And I think your thoughts on the elemental appeal of fairy tales is terrific. Good luck with the new release!

Lexie said...

Its funny one of the first things that will get me to pick up a book is if its based around a fairy tale--any fairy tale really. The originals are great and the Disney variants are fun, but reading novels (especially romance novels) that take the story a step further is so much cooler.

I'll have to remember to put 'To Beguile a Beast' on my to find list!

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

So glad that you're enjoying the fairy tale within TO BEGUILE A BEAST, Pam P!

Hope you like the book, Mary.

Glad you liked the book trailer, Andrea!

And I hope you'll like TBAB when you get the chance to read it, Lexie!