Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Highland Lass's Border Laird in a Kilt

I can plot every intimate detail of a hero and heroine’s adventure. I can whip out snappy dialogue and describe times and places I’ve never been. My words can keep readers up all night, make them giggle, make them sigh. In a pinch, I can even come up with catchy marketing phrases for bookmarks and promotion.

Just please don’t ask me to come up with TITLES for my books!

That’s my Achilles’ heel. (Hey--“Achilles’ Heel”? Wouldn’t that make a great romance title?) See what I mean?

My latest manuscript, a historical set in the time of Mary Queen of Scots, is in final revisions, and it’s still going by “Book Number 1 of 2.”

Ideally, the title for this book should reflect:
1) It’s Scottish
2) It’s a romance
3) It’s different from every other Scottish romance you’ve read

But the telltale Scots-indicator words--“Highland,” “Kilt” and “Border”--have been done to death (not to mention that my story takes place in the Lowlands, in the time before kilts).

This suggestion, by the way, was sent to me by my father, who thinks my problem is HILARIOUS...

My husband thinks I should just change what I write, since a lot of the titles I’ve come up with sound like military action novels:

Tempered Steel
In Harm’s Way
By Honor Bound

You can see my dilemma. So how about it? Does anyone have any spectacular titles for a romance featuring a kick-arse Scots lass and her English hero?

Sarah McKerrigan...
Stories to keep you up all night!
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CAPTIVE HEART - Coming for you October 2006
KNIGHT'S PRIZE - Stealing your heart April 2007
DANGER'S KISS - Flirting with trouble May 2008


Diana Holquist said...


I'm STILL laughing over your last title dilemma, when you mocked up that book cover with the title "Contractual Obligation #4". Truly, the best title of all time.

Lowlands Lover? Lowland Lothario? The Lord of the Lowlands? Lowlands Laird? (Never did figure out what a laird was...) The Laird of the Lowlands?

OK, I'll have to sleep on this. Good luck.

M. said...

Can't do any better than the estimable Diana Holquist in terms of title suggestions, but-
just wanted to say, I love your dad.

Anonymous said...

Reivers and Rogues? (ummm, they did steal cattle/sheep/stuff before they had kilts, didn't they? How long ago was that? Were they territorial even then?)

And - enquiring minds want to know. What *did* they wear before they had kilts?


Suzanne said...

I like all your "military" sounding titles (but I am the urban fantasy girl, lol). In harm's way is my favorite. Much better than the Kilt-wearing Laird's Secret baby anyway, lol. What about something in Gaelic!! (Ok, maybe not...) Good luck. I usualy get my dance gurlz from class to help me brainstorm. Now they have some interesting titles....

Suzanne said...

"Scottish Lassies do it better..."

Okay maybe not, lol