Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sneak peek of under the covers

SEDUCE ME hit stores July 28th and so far I’m getting great feedback from reviewers and readers alike. I normally reveal my Under the Covers feature on my website, but I wanted my blog friends to get a sneak peek at the behind the scenes.

Seduce Me is the launch book for my Legend Hunters series, an idea I had about a hero-centered series of treasure hunters and would-be archaeologists. They are the men of Solomon’s, a gentleman’s club devoted to those who chase myths. And when I was brainstorming the series and coming up with the myths I wanted to write about, the first idea I had was, of course, Pandora’s Box. I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology and this one in particular is fascinating. And it’s always had sexy connotations evoking the very image of forbidden fruit. So when it came time to write the first book in the series, Pandora was the way to go.
I certainly took some literary license with the story though and came up with my own mythology equipped with a curse. Have to keep those characters up to their necks in danger. Speaking of characters, let’s meet my inspiration behind my cast.

Heroine: Esme Worthington Inspiration – English actress Eva Green who you might remember as the Bond girl in Casino Royale. I needed a picture that captured Esme’s sassiness, but girlish beauty.

Hero: Fielding Grey Inspiration – Paul Blackthorne. This shot captured the intensity of Fielding yet you catch a glimpse of the pain he’s carrying. Love those eyes!

Villain: David Grey aka “The Raven”
Inspiration – Alan Rickman. Because who else do you go to for a truly nasty villain who actually has some sex appeal. When I wrote the Raven’s dialogue I could hear Rickman’s methodical cadence in my head. He was a perfect fit!

And here was my inspiration for The Raven's two goons:

Thatcher (L) and Waters (R)

Being a big fan of movies, especially action adventure movies I wanted to capture that feel in the Legend Hunters books. So within the pages of Seduce Me hopefully you’ll feel whisked away on a grand adventure and when you close the book you’ll reach for your phone to call Steven Spielberg and say, “hey Steve, have I got a story for you!”

So what are your favorite action adventure movies? Could you watch The Mummy and The Goonies and Indiana Jones over and over again? And how do you feel about authors revealing their character inspiration? Does it ruin your own mental picture of the characters?

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