Tuesday, September 08, 2009

End of Summer

It's over. Labor Day was yesterday, and now I think (even though the literal seasonal calendar may disagree) we're into fall. School has started and before we know it, it'll be getting cooler and the holidays will be here!

The summer started off with a bang for me, when my first book, A HINT OF WICKED, was released. The months of June, July, and August were a giant whirlwind, and the summer ended for us with a Labor Day baseball tournament. It was in San Diego, which, as far as I'm concerned, is the city with the all-time nicest weather of anywhere! Our boys lost in the semifinals, too, in the kind of close game that leaves you going, "Oh, if only xxx had caught that ball, or if yyy made it to first before he was thrown out..."

This summer I will always remember for the release of A HINT OF WICKED, but I will also bring home fond memories of baseball, baseball, and more baseball (my son was on a championship team and we were at tournaments almost every weekend, along with practice every single day!).

I have definitely learned to enjoy the game, that's for sure! I do love watching my son play.

How about you? What is your fondest memory of this summer?

Jennifer Haymore


etirv said...

Hi Jennifer! A lot of dental issues this summer but that gave me time to read a lot of historical romances and discover new favorite authors like you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading AHOW at the end of summer and also so proud to discover that you're originally from Hawaii, yay!

Melissa said...

Went to Texas this summer to see my niece, her son and hubby. Had an awesome time, and it was SO great too see how happy she is even though she is far from home. It eased my mind SO much!!

Jennifer Haymore said...

Oh, thanks so much, etirv! Are you from Hawaii, too? Yay! Hawaii no ka oi!

Oh Melissa, seeing family (and seeing them doing well) is sooo nice! That sounds like a great trip!

etirv said...

Hi Jennifer! Yes, Hawaii is home! I don't think I know a lot of "local girl" historical romance authors so more power to you, Jennifer!!!!