Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Next and Other Observations On the Writing Life by Annie Solomon

I'm in transition. And since Robyn deHart is madly working on her deadline, I have plenty of time to step in here.


This transition period is difficult. My last book, One Deadly Sin, came out in May. Meanwhile, I finished my latest--whose working title is Two Lethal Lies--and sent it to my agent to read. She got back to me a few days ago with basically no changes. I get nervous when someone reads my manuscript and tells me it's great. Weird, huh? Does anyone else feel the same? If she had told me the first hundred pages need a total revision I would have accepted that. I'd feel awful, but happy in a way. At least I knew she actually read it...

So now my "masterpiece" is ready for the editor. I'm delaying, making sure it's exactly how I want it. But basically I'm done.

Now what?

I've been floating around, thinking about the next book. I have a few foamy ideas, but I can't seem to corral them enough to get them on paper. So I play lots of freecell and solitaire (do you know how many versions of that game there are? I think I've played every one). I've blogged, guest blogged, and commented. I've updated my website 500 times. I watch TV. I'm trying to read--3 books so far. A record for me these last few years.

In a word (or two), I'm at loose ends.

I know the way to success is to have several projects going on at once. One publisher for the fall book, another one for the spring. A YA here, a single title there. I can't seem to manage that.

I wonder if this is true for everyone, not just writers. Project managers, copywriters, film makers, research scientists--where are you?

Those of you out there (writers or not) who go from one thing to the other seamlessly and without bumps--how do you do it? Got any tips? Rituals? Spells? Send them my way.


Sarah McKerrigan said...

Time to feed the Muse, Annie! Go see a play, a movie, a concert. Walk through a strange neighborhood. Sit in the back yard at night and wonder what's...out there. Visit a museum and find a curious, little-known historical account. Solitaire and TV are too much sameness--you need some real-life adventures to truly inspire you. Best wishes!

Annie Solomon said...

Ha ha, Sarah. Good ideas, all. I think I have a touch of agoraphobia. Yes, I need to break out!!! Except, of course, the backyard at night. Way too many bugs out there. So is this what you do between books?

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