Sunday, March 27, 2005

Congrats & Good Luck!

Congratulations to "Warner Forever" authors for getting RITA nominations for their fantastic novels!

2005 RITA for Best First Book Finalists
Rules of Engagement by Kathryn Caskie
The Runaway Duke by Julie Anne Long

2005 RITA for Best Short Historical Romance Finalist
Rules of Engagement by Kathryn Caskie

2005 RITA for Best Romantic Suspense Finalists
Have You Seen Her? by Karen Rose
I’m Watching You by Karen Rose

I'll be there in Reno to cheer you all on (my first RWA conference -- looking forward to it!). Congratulations all!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Any James Marstars fans out there?

I feel almost giddy! I don't normally get the TV Digest magazine, but the mailman (acting under the influence of Fate's manipulations, no doubt) delivered the neighbor's magazine to me. As I prepared to carry it next door to rectify the error, I decide to breeze through it and see if there was anything of interest. Boy, was there. I found an article about James Marstars!

As most of you know, James Marstars played the character of Spike on the Buffy and, then later, Angel TV shows. I loved this character and, personally, don't believe any actor could have played it as well as James Marstars. For what was probably meant to be a secondary, here-today and gone-tomorrow character, Spike became "da man" quickly. I was already addicted to watching Buffy, loved all the characters and actors/actresses, but after Spike became part of the show, I became obssessive about not missing an episode. I even found time to watch Angel when he jumped over to that show.

Okay - I digress. The article! It would seem that the powers that be are considering resurrecting Spike and giving him his own TV show!! Hence - the giddiness. (Am I just the last to know this? Has anyone heard anything else about this?)

Just wanted to share the good news! :-)

Robin (obviously a huge Spike the Bad Boy vampire fan.)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Late again!

Hello, Everyone,
I'm always late, so it is no surprise that I'm late blogging! I'm glad to be here, though, with all these wonderful Warner Forever authors! What a fantastic, talented group--and such nice ladies, too!
My winter has been busy finishing my second Regency Historical for Warner. I turned in The Marriage Bargain in early February (I'm never late with my deadlines ), and now the cover is ready! I just have to show it to you:

Isn't it great? It uses the same "look" as my beautiful cover for The Improper Wife and I love it!
The Marriage Bargain will be released October 2005.
Let me know what you think of the cover!

Diane Perkins' THE IMPROPER WIFE November 2004

Saturday, March 12, 2005

In Defense of the Unreal

I am not going to defend my addiction.

Okay, so maybe I am.

But first, would someone please explain the appeal of reality shows. Where's the escape? Where's the fantasy? There's too much real in reality.

I prefer unreality.

Hence, the soaps.

Defense rests.

So... movies I have seen lately, someone asks. Wedding Date.

While you're at the reality explanation, can someone please explain why that movie was so bad? I wanted it to be great. I would have settled for good. But it didn't even reach that level.

Great hook, great stars, lots of comic potential. So wha' happened?

I'm hoping the total dudsville that it was had nothing to do with the fact that I saw it in Florida with my parents.

Now I love my parents. But my Dad can no longer eat popcorn, therefore, evidently, I can no longer eat it.

Not sure I understand the connection between the two. I mean our stomachs are not linked in any way (that I know of). Nevertheless I was NOT allowed to have popcorn.

Do I sound bitter? Childish? popcorn.

BUT, whatever my mother is, was, or will be, no one can ever say she doesn't come prepared with snacks.

In this case, pretzels. A perfectly fine, salty, non-popcorn food loosely thrown by generous handfuls into a grocery bag.

Do you know that crinkly, scratchy, rustling sound a grocery bag makes when someone is rooting around inside?

The ENTIRE moveie.

Can I say it once more?

The ENTIRE movie.

So. Wedding Date. Not my finest cinematic experience. Do I blame it on the dirctor? The screenwriter? Debra? Or the pretzels...

A mystery for the ages.

And as long as we're talking mysteries--why does anyone change their mind about anyone?

My hero has to change his mind about the heroine, go from doubt to belief. Yes, she saves his butt, but she saved it before. No, the evidence against her has not suddenly disappeared. But he has to make that turn.

Why, I ask myself (musical crescendo) Why, why, why?

(small voice squeaking inside head: because you need him to, fool, not a very good reason)

(please...everyone...ignore that small voice)

If somone can answer that quesion (someone beside that small voice), my editer will be eternally grateful. Not to mention me.

Signing off to plunge into my own unreality.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Forget the soaps

Hello, my name is Michelle and I am addicted to reality shows. I already watch enough TV to effectively turn my brain into a puddle of goo, but...I can't help it. Survivor and The Apprentice last night. Fear Factor. Extreme Makeover. Amazing Race. Can't wait for the next season of Big Brother. The Bachelor -- is it true that Jerry O'Connell's brother is going to be the next Bachelor?

I'm still annoyed that Jen, "The Bachelorette," didn't say yes to Jerry's proposal. Sure he was a little bland and didn't seem to be head over heels with her...but he was smokin' hot! Looked like that guy from the Vegas show. The one who isn't James Caan. Yum!

I do "watch" a couple of soaps, though. I don't watch them, exactly, I listen to them on my car radio on my lunch break. Just me, a McChicken, and Days of our Lives. I don't even know what these people look like, but crap, are they ever whiney!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Writing Be Damned

I know this is a Warner Forever site and I'm probably supposed to be talking about writing or my latest romantic suspense, BLIND CURVE, a picture of which is to the right somewhere, but really, does anyone care what my opinion is on dialog or setting? And what can I say about my book except that it's great and you should read it (You should. Really. It's not just me saying that...).

Besides, this is a blog, and a blog is for ranting. So that's what I'm gonna do.

But not about my day job. secret identity (well, not so secret now) as a keen observer of the daytime drama. The dramatic serial. Okay, the soaps.

General Hospital in particular.

Because today the show really blew my socks off, especially Tamara Braun (Carly), when she found out her son was dead. The soaps are fun, relaxing, a hoot but they rarely move me. Today was an exception. I've been kind of bored with the way they've dragged this kidnapping story out, and it was great to finally have some kind of closure. Even a sad one.

(me to the world: does anyone out there even know what I'm talking about?)

So here I am, sucked in, grieving with the parents, and yet in the way back of my mind I'm wondering--maybe this is all a giant plot set in motion by AJ. Maybe Michael isn't really dead but just hidden away somewhere by his real father. Revenge against the people who stole the boy away (not gypsies, mobsters...). I haven't read that the cute kid who plays Michael has been axed... Hmm.

Man, I should be writing those things.

There you go, can't get away from the "w" word.


Hey, Kittens!

Hey there, and welcome, and thanks for joining us! This blog was Michelle Rowen's brainchild, so many thanks to her -- as far as I'm concerned, I can never have enough forums to babble randomly. LOL.

It's a beautiful day in San Francisco (I guess it's Spring??), and I'm DYING to go outside, but I'll dutifully remain at my desk until my five pages are written. I'm finishing up BEAUTY AND THE SPY, the first book in a trilogy for Warner (now how did I want the story to end, again?? Just kidding), and winding up some promotional-type activities for TO LOVE A THIEF, out in April. Oh, and reading my horoscope online, and, and talking on the phone, and brushing the cat (he's tangly)... Um, I guess the focus is a little scattered today. I'd better go to the park to get it all out of my system...and then work until midnight or so tonight. Most of my inspiration seems to kick in after 9. p.m., anyway. (At least that's today's rationale).

How's that for an inaugural blog post?? Looking forward to popping in here often, though!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hail! Hail! The gang's all here.

Virgin Blogger here - I feel a bit like I'm walking down a darkened hallway with hand outstretched. This is officially my first blog, ever - hmmmm, should I be smashing a bottle of champagne against the monitor?

I get up at 4:30 every morning to write before starting my day job and as I'll most likely be blogging early in the a.m., I'll apologize now for the twists and turns my thought patterns are likely to take.

I just turned in my second WARNER FOREVER book. My first one, a dark vampire story titled OUT OF THE NIGHT is due for release in September. If I can figure out how to post the cover art to this site, I will. It's a gorgeous cover (not that I'm biased much), but the Warner art department is the bomb! The second book, working titled STILL OF THE NIGHT, is a second in the vampire series.

I look forward to visiting everyone here and reading what's posted. Must dash now - the WIP is calling my name (not to mention the pot of coffee brewing in the other room.)

Thanks again Michelle, for setting this blog up for us.



Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hello world

Some of us on the Warner email list thought it would be a cool idea to get together and do a collective blog. Resistence is futile. Sorry, couldn't resist. Oh, wait a minute... that was a collective "Borg." Never mind.

So here it is. Please anyone who drops by, please feel free to post any comments, suggestions for anything you would like us to blog about, or just to say hi.

To the right is a list of all the ladies who will be a part of this blog with links to their websites and the cover of their latest book.