Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Baby in the House

Two weeks ago we lost our beloved Texas heeler, Cinnamon. We'd had her for seven years. She was an awesome dog. She could sit, roll over, play dead, jump through a hoop, jump up and spin, flip a pretzel on her nose and catch it, ring a bell, give high-five, shake hands, crawl and open the back door. She'll be sorely missed. I didn't really want a new baby yet, but my husband talked me into going to look at a new litter of puppies and well, you guessed it, we have a new baby.

Meet Shiloh.
Vital Stats:
Miniature Aussie Shepherd
8 lbs
Red merle (but he's brown, they just call them red merles)
12 weeks old.

He's a shy little guy and just getting used to us. He's gonna have some big shoes to fill but I'm betting he'll be up to the challenge.

So tell me about your pets. Both current and past.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Happily Ever After. That's how romance novels are supposed to end. It's the rule. I guess my hero didn't know that.

You see, in my last book, KNIGHT'S PRIZE, my hero was Heath Ledger.

He didn't know it. And nobody would guess--even though I slipped his name into my acknowledgments. I always "cast" my books, playing cinematic matchmaker to choose a hero who'll make great chemistry with the heroine.

Sometimes I change his coloring. Sometimes I alter his age. The cover art doesn't usually bear much resemblance to the actor. None of that matters. I know in my heart who my hero is.

At my desk, I spent hours with Heath–watching him react, listening to him talk, taking careful note of every expression, every gesture, committing his character to the page. Soon, along with my heroine, I began to fall helplessly in love with him. We went on adventures together–flirting with danger and with coy winks, battling with words and swords, making promises, making trouble, making sweet love. By the end of the story, I felt as if I knew his very soul.

Which is why the news of Heath Ledger's death has come as a crushing blow.

We don't usually dwell much on what happens after the hero and heroine find their H.E.A. We assume they go on to live long and wonderful lives.

They're not supposed to die.

Heath was too gifted, too full of promise, too heroic to be torn from us so soon.

I suppose I should be grateful for the time I got to spend with him, that I had the opportunity to write KNIGHT'S PRIZE before he slipped from this world, that I was able to, in my small way, contribute to the body of works that will immortalize him. But the part of me that lives in the story, the part that fell in love with him right along with the heroine, is terribly sad.

Rest in peace, dear hero. May you find your H.E.A.(V.E.N.).

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Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

All right, I admit it. I'm a horrible blogger. I never can think of anything intetesting or witty to say. I never come up with great photos. But today, I've been perfecting the art of procrastination. Face it, writing is one of the few jobs where you can sit at your desk for three hours doing your nails, checking email, counting the leaves on the tree outside your window, and no one is there to shame you. (This might be the most valuable reason to hire an assistant ... with an attitude and a big whip.)

So today, here are a few of my activities at my desk that do not count as working.

For a long while, I stared at my notes.

Then I looked at photos of my son's wedding. -- way back in June. It's not like I haven't seen them before!

Then I picked at my cuticles, saw they needed a load of moisturizer. Smeared that on -- well, now my hands are too slippery and slimey to type ....

So I talked to my office buddy, Macie, for a while. She's a very good listener.

And of course, I blogged!
See, I even procrastinated by taking photos -- not very interesting photos, but it did chew up some time. Next time I'm going to spend my time taking pictures of good looking guys. Which means I'll actually have to procrastinate somewhere other than my desk!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Sunday: And the Winner Is....A Naked Lizard (in my house, anyway)

Today in America it's Superbowl Sunday, the day when many very, very large men play a game that's incomprehensible to most of the world and boring as all get out to many (female) Americans. Including me.

But oh, how I used to live for this day. Because in another life (when I was young and single and living in New York City) I used to write ads for Pepsi. Our slogan then was: Be young. Have fun. Drink Pepsi. Now, my slogan might be something more like: Be Middle-Aged. Have kids. Drink coffee.

But it was fun back then, let me tell you. So now, when I watch the Superbowl, I mostly care about the ads.

Here's a question for all you alpha males out there: what's with all the pink water ads? Bud ads, sure. A Pepsi ad, of course. But the water, guys? Four or five ads for water that's, you know, pink.

Anyway, in my house, this was the favorite Superbowl ad. If you like it, go to their website and check out the teaser ads. Excellent.

Which was your favorite ad? Did you watch the game?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Elizabeth Talks Book Covers

Oh, my God! Is it February already? Man, I feel behind...

So, let's talk about book covers, shall we? As we all know the cover of the book is terribly, terribly important. This is because when readers go into bookstores they wander around rather absentmindedly until an interesting book cover catches their eye and they pick it up and perhaps buy it. Or perhaps they go and buy a carmello-raspberry coffee thingy with lots of whipped cream and sprinkles instead.

This is how I behave in bookstores at any rate.

Because book covers are so terribly, terribly important authors become very anxious about their covers and sometimes quite neurotic (more so than usual, I mean.) So, when I got my book cover for my next book, To Taste Temptation (May, '08) I was quite delighted. It looked like this:

But then I got a new and fabulous editor and she said my book cover was not good enough. Huh, I thought to myself, how is the art department going to improve on the above?

Well, as it turned out, this is how:

That's right! They made my name gigantic and in passing also put a pretty lady's boobies on the cover. I think we can all agree that this is a very nice improvement indeed, especially since my more near-sighted readers can now see my name from halfway across the bookstore.

Discussion topics: What do you do in bookstores? Favorite coffee drink? Which cover do you like? Which do you prefer: a pretty lady on the cover or a hard, manly body?

Elizabeth Hoyt