Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Belize Navidad

There are a few unspoken rules about traditional historical romance. One of them has to do with setting. Readers have comfort zones when it comes to history. Medieval stories almost always take place somewhere in Britain. Preferred American time periods are the Revolution, the Civil War, and the Old West. Regencies must, of course, take place in England, with very few exceptions, and only those of which the ton approves. It's very hard to generate interest in a romance set in ancient Egypt, 1900s Germany, or medieval Australia, which is kind of a shame.

It's not that I get bored with writing Scottish medievals. I have a thousand stories in my head about that time and place, begging to be told, and I'll write them as long as readers keep wanting to hear them. But once in a while I'd like to expand my borders. And sometimes I think readers would like to expand theirs as well.

I just got back (which is why my blog is late) from a wonderful "Christmas" trip to Belize with my family!

We clambered over crumbling Mayan ruins...

hiked through jungle foliage dripping with warm rain, delved into a cathedral of a cave carved out by a river...

and snorkeled along a reef swarming with stingrays and bejeweled with hundreds of tropical fish...

We absorbed the unique flavors of rice and beans, plantains, chocolate, and Marie Sharp's hot sauce, and listened to the odd patois of island, Mexican, and British cultures over the top of chirruping frogs and birdsong. My daughter and I were even treated to a romance novel cover when our young boat captain bravely steered our craft through a sudden storm!

Alas, none of those impressions will make it into a historical romance. For now, Belize is beyond the comfort zone. But I hope one day that readers will start to broaden their horizons and come along on adventures that take them further from home!

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Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year's resolution!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to do more good deeds for those in need. With that in mind, I thought I’d get in the spirit of things by reaching out to our friend Diana, who could use a little guidance in . . . hot men. Now, a number of our fellow authors have already enlightened her on the subject of actors. But I thought she might appreciate seeing that athletes are definitely worth a look. Or two.

Without further ado, Diana (and everyone else) feast your eyes on a few of the studs who can be found on the playing fields and pools around the world. (Sort of makes you want to take gym class again!) Above is the glorious David Beckham, a soccer star from England. (Seeing as Diane didn't know Hugh Jackman, I decided I better clue her on on "Becks")

This hunk is Camilo Vilegas, a pro golfer from Columbia.

Adam Scott is also a golfer. he's from Australia.

Moving on to tennis, this is Juan Carlos Ferrara from Spain.

These next two water babies are Michael Phelps (heard of him, Diana?) And Ian Thorpe, the "Thorpedo" from Australia.

Oh, here we are back to tennis, with another sweet Spaniard, Rafael Nadal.
And last but not least, is Anton Apolo Ohno, ice skater and dancer

So, that's my good deed to start off the year. I am feeling very virtuous . . . well, maybe virtuous is not quite the right word, but you get the idea.