Monday, March 15, 2010

Conference On My Mind

Hi, everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

As I write this post, I am in serious writing conference mode. This year, I'm the conference chair of my local RWA chapter's Silken Sands Conference (it's a conference at the beach--score!). I've been to lots of conferences--big and small, and I always enjoy the energy level at these events.

Some other things I enjoy?

Well, I love hearing from the agents and editors--it's always great to get an inside scoop on the industry and find out what's hot right now in the publishing world.

I love meeting other writers and learning about their writing process. (It seems like we all do things a bit differently.)

I love meeting readers at the booksigning events. Total thrill for me!

I love the workshops because I always feel like I learn something new.

Ah, yeah, I enjoy the conferences.

What about you? Have you ever been a conference (either a reader-focused one or a writer-focused one)? And what did you like about the event?


Cynthia Eden
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