Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day

Gah!! Tax day! I must confess that I actually mailed my taxes off yesterday (go me!), so I don't have to stand in the long post office lines today. If you've got a visit to the post office in your future, you do have my sympathy.

But, hey, once you get your taxes finished, I think you need to reward yourself. And what better reward is there than a good book? Books are my favorite rewards--and they also help me deal with stress (ahem, like the stress that comes during tax time). Books are the friends who are always there when I need them. No stress, no hassle--just my guaranteed happy ending.

What's your favorite reward? Or, what do you use to help you deal with stress? Books and chocolate? Sweet, sweet chocolate. Or do you like to head to the movies and enjoy a few hours of visual escapism? Tell me...what's your pleasure poison?


Cynthia Eden
DEADLY FEAR--Available 08/01/2010 from Grand Central Publishing (Forever)